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We offer exceptional customer service, smart, innovative styles and products that are unmatched in comfort, style and durability.

20 Reasons why you should buy Corporate Uniforms from Pan America

Global Brand – Corporate Uniforms

Global Brand

Pan America is a big brand. We have our presence in many countries. In India, we are one of the biggest mid-segment men's brands and are available in more than 5000 multi-brand outlets across the country.

Economies of Scale – Corporate Uniforms

Economies of Scale

Due to large scale of production and sourcing directly from the mills, we get the best prices for the fabrics and we pass the advantage to our customers.

Corporate Uniform manufacturer – PAN AMERICA

In-house Manufacturing

We own huge factories and the entire production is completely in-house.

Affordable Pricing – PAN AMERICA

Affordable Pricing

Thanks to sourcing directly from the mills and in-house production of garments, no one else can match our price: performance ratio.

Latest uniforms designs – PAN AMERICA

Incredible range of colors and designs

At Pan America, we produce hundreds of fresh, new design every month. No one can match us when it comes to the range.

Corporate Uniform Suppliers – PAN AMERICA

Lineage of textiles and garments

The top management of Pan America come from a rich lineage of garments and textiles. This gives them access to the best at incredibly lower prices.

Men’s corporate uniforms – PAN AMERICA

We understand Uniforms

We sell millions of garments year on year. We understand the pulse of the companies. You need the best of range, great colors, easier to maintain collection and a consistent, superb supplier you can rely on. With nearly two decades of expertise, we are a Uniform Buyers dream come true.

Design Logo and Branding – Corporate Uniforms

Company Logo, branding focus

We have access to the finest embroidery and printing technologies to match your logo and brand colors precisely. Customized monogram, logo, labels , embroidery...we can also recommend the right processes and techniques to deliver a wow effect.

Formal Corporate Uniforms – PAN AMERICA


For large orders we can also create sampling so that you check the styles before you buy.

Company Uniforms – PAN AMERICA

The right styles and fits

When we sell millions of pieces of garments, we become experts in understanding body shapes, styles and fits.

Office Wear – Corporate Uniforms

Demo at your doorstep

When you have large orders, our senior experts would come to you at your doorstep to give you a demo and take you through the sales fulfilment process.

Company Uniforms Suppliers – PAN AMERICA

We educate you

With our years of experience, we can guide you in the selection of fabrics, styles, fits, choice of colors.

Uniform Manufactures – PAN AMERICA

If we do not have it, we will make it for you

As simple as that, with Pan America you can be rest assured that you are with an incredibly powerful brand that can deliver you whatever that you imagine and more.

Uniform Suppliers – Corporate Uniforms

Process driven and systematic

Everything at Pan America is structured. When we commit a delivery date, we ensure we do. The sheer advantage of dealing with a big company that has systems and processes.

Corporate Formal Wear – PAN AMERICA

Consistency in colors, cuts and styles

The biggest problem with most Uniform suppliers is their inability to supply the same colors and designs when you re-order. We have a huge range of Core Items that are available for you 365 days a year. Thus re-ordering the same shade or style is incredibly hassle free at Pan America.

Call Us – Corporate Uniforms

There is no such thing called season

When it comes to uniforms. We are just a call away. 365 days a year.

Formal Uniforms – PAN AMERICA

Uniforms for everyone

For corporates, hotels, hospitals, IT companies, factories, manufacturers, Housekeeping and Facilities Management companies, Logistics. For anyone looking at Uniforms . For large, medium and small companies. We are your trusted, strategic partners in delivering uniforms that will enhance your brand image.

Customized Uniforms – PAN AMERICA

Customized Uniforms

Everything that you need. We have a huge range of colors, designs and styles. If you already have your uniforms, we can provide you the same uniforms at a competitive pricing. Just give us the specs and see the difference.

Advantages – Corporate Uniforms

Three Critical Advantages

Better Quality. Lower Price. Timely Delivery.

Contact Us – Corporate Uniforms

Free Consultation

Call us for Free telephonic or in-person consultation for design, pattern, fabric, style, fit, wash...to get uniforms within your budget and matching your specifications.

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Corporate White Shirts for Office Uniforms - PAN AMERICA

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